Wartsila Genset

The Wartsila are Ultimate combination of efficiency and flexibility. Full power can be achieved with a variety of gaseous fuels, from methane to LPG, without affecting the operation. Makes the most out of the cleanest fossil fuel available – natural gas. Genset is easily transported in one piece to challenging locations.



Wartsila 20V34SG:

Technical Specification:
  • Cylinder configurations: 9L, 16V, 20V
  • Bore: 340mm
  • Piston stroke: 400mm
  • Speed: 750 rpm (50 Hz)
    720 rpm (60 Hz)
  • Brake mean effective Pressure: 22bar
  • Mean piston speed: 10 m/s (50 Hz)
    9.6 m/s (60 Hz)
  • Rated Electrical Power: 9930 kW (50 Hz)
    9520kW(60 Hz)
Generator Set Dimension: 
  • Length: 12,917 mm
  • Width: 3,345 mm
  • Height: 4,501 mm