Electrolytic Iron Powder

Electrolytic Iron Powder is elemental iron obtained by electro deposition in the form of an amorphous , lusterless , grayish black powder it is stable in dry air. High purity electrolytic iron powder has become one of the most preferred elements in various industries. It is widely used in the diamond cutting tools, pharmaceutical, food additives, and other industrial applications


Uses Of Electrolytic Iron Powder:
  • Food Industries
  • Nutrition related manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals manufacture
  • Chemicals
  • Paints & Dyes
  • Printing sector
  • Magnetic alloys
  • Diamond cutting tool industries
Benefits of Iron Powder In food Industries:

The benefits of iron powder in the food industry are phenomenal. The devotion towards iron and its refined derivatives are on account of it being one of the most fundamental components in our body. Upon iron depends the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood where this element forms the core of the RBCs. Ironically, this element is also prone to depletion and we call the condition as anemia. We have therefore developed various techniques of using elemental iron in pure forms (like the electrolytic iron powder) in food products so that the deficiencies are negated and health is achieved.

use of iron powder as an oxygen absorber :

Akin to a calcium oxide based desiccant that absorbs moisture, the electrolytic iron powder absorbs oxygen and hence it is used in food packaging. The manufacturers of semi-processed or wholly processed foods make use of the iron powder bags that are permeable and eat up the oxygen in the sealed bag to negate the oxidation processes. This helps to retain the original and fresh smell and characteristics of the packaged food for a longer time.

Specification of Electrolytic Iron Powder:
Test Finding Unit Specifications as per FCC Method
Iron as ( Fe ) % 97 min. IS 15556 (2005)
Acid Insoluble % 0.2 max IS  7438 (1985)
Arsenic [ as As] ppm 3 max AAS
Lead [as Pb ] ppm 4 max AAS
Mercury [as Hg] Ppm 2 max AAS
Sieve Analysis






5 max.

95 min.